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Waypoint ist das Single Family Office und Investmentunternehmen des Schweizer Milliardärs Ernesto Bertarelli und seiner Familie. Weitere Single Family Offices können Sie einfach mit unserer Liste der größten Single Family Offices in Europa identifizieren With offices in Geneva, London, Jersey, Boston, San Francisco and Luxembourg, it embodies the values, culture and philosophy of the family's joint business interests, overseeing the management of many of the various investment programmes and providing advice and execution capabilities to the companies and investments with which it is associated Bertarelli. Supporting Switzerland's Campus Biotech, the world's newest innovation hub The family's business activities, both joint and individual, are diverse Helping to safeguard. the world's largest. marine reserve The family shares a commitment to its future generations and to the continuity of its values

Beim von Ernesto Bertarelli gegründeten Family Office Waypoint kommt es zu Veränderungen. Der Neuzugang nimmt auch Einsitz in den Verwaltungsrat. Waypoint Capital, das die Unternehmerfamilie Bertarelli in Vermögensfragen berät, hat auf Anfang Juni Ron Cami zum Leiter für die Rechts- und Steuerberatung sowie das Personalwesen ernannt Swiss biotech billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli's family office has appointed a new finance chief from the London Stock Exchange. Waypoint said it appointed Gordon McNair as its Chief Financial Officer, effective early 2017

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Forestay Capital, the digital tech arm of the Bertarelli family office, appointed a new director specialized in emerging tech investments. Waypoint Capital, which manages the wealthy Swiss family's investments, is appointing Randy Castleman to the board of its subsidiary, Forestay Capital, the vehicle said in an emailed statement on Tuesday The original family service office was established in Amsterdam in the 1930s. Today, Anthos is a global network of specialists offering trusted advice and tailored services such as asset management and estate planning. Anthos helps the owners of COFRA past and present focus on their business and philanthropic activities, offering support to their families. Ilonka van der Hoeven, Client Connect. Ernesto Bertarelli's family office Waypoint has made an appointment to its management. The lawyer will also take a seat on the supervisory board. Waypoint Capital, the firm which advises the Bertarelli family, appointed Ron Cami as group general counsel, according to a statement

In 2012, the Ledunfly family office was established to serve the personal business interests and philanthropic activities of Dona Bertarelli, her husband, Yann Guichard, and her three children, while shared Bertarelli family assets continue to be managed by Waypoint, led by her brother, Ernesto. As an investor, with assets in hospitality and real estate, she focuses on long-term value creation Following substantial backing from the Bertarelli family initially, in 2019 the capital base was expanded to include a select group of institutional and family office investors. Team Crosstree was founded by Sean Arnold and Nick Lyle in partnership with Ernesto Bertarelli's investment group, Waypoint Capital, through which he manages the significant funds associated with his family. Both. Ernesto Bertarelli is a Swiss entrepreneur active in the fields of business, finance, sport and philanthropy. Born in Rome in 1965, his family moved to Switzerland in 1977, where he now lives with his wife Kirsty and their three children. He graduated from Babson College in 1989 and earned an MBA at Harvard Business School in 1993

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  1. Eine Anlagefirma wie Waypoint der Genfer Familie Bertarelli gleicht mit ihren rund 200 Mitarbeitern einer kleineren Ausführung von Private Equity-Firmen wie KKR. Hochburg der Family Offices seien.
  2. Person Familie Bertarelli. Mit Uhrenherstellern wie Audemars Piguet oder Hublot hat er schon zusammengearbeitet. Nun holte Ernesto Bertarelli (55) Omega ins Boot. Gemeinsam lancierten sie Ende.
  3. Familie Bertarelli kauft zu. Die ehemaligen Serono-Besitzer dirigieren ein breites Investment-Portfolio. Nun kaufen sie Novartis einige Anwendungen ab. Werner Grundlehner 03.10.2018, 22.00 Uhr.
  4. Ernesto Bertarelli inherited biotech giant Serono, maker of the multiple sclerosis drug Rebif, following his father's death in 1998. With his sister Dona, he expanded the company to $2.4 billion.

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  1. Forestay Capital, der geschlossene Technologiefonds der Investmentgesellschaft Waypoint Capital der Familie Bertarelli, wird sich als erster ausländischer Investor an einer Finanzierungsrunde der Serie B in Höhe von 68 Millionen US-Dollar für das US-Unternehmen Wasabi beteiligen. Forestay Capital wurde 2017 gegründet und ist eine Investitionsplattform für den Technologiesektor, die sich.
  2. With offices in Geneva, London, Jersey, Boston and Luxembourg, Waypoint has two principal areas of focus: Healthcare, building on the Bertarelli family's long involvement in biotechnology and life sciences. Asset Management, where Waypoint uses its expertise to develop interests in areas such as hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, real estate and fund of fund investments. Waypoint.
  3. Bertarellis - zum Family Office Waypoint mit operativem Sitz in . Genf und juristischem Sitz auf Jersey. Besonders am Tech-Herzen liegt . Bertarelli das US-Unternehmen Wasabi Technologies. Es.
  4. In the mid 1970s Fabio Bertarelli, son of Cesare and the subsequent CEO, bought out a controlling stake of the company from the Vatican. Fabio also had to move the company: in 1977 the family decided to get out of Italy for fear that leftwing Red Brigades militants might threaten - even kidnap - the family. The threat of physical violence.
  5. The bulk of Dona Bertarelli's wealth comes from the 2007 sale of her family's biotech business Serono for over $13 billion. In the 1990s Dona was Serono's executive director of public and.
  6. Ernesto Bertarelli scheint das Vorhaben, wie fast alle Beteiligungsgesellschaften der Bertarellis - zum Family Office Waypoint mit opera­tivem Sitz in Genf und juristischem Sitz auf Jersey.
  7. Das Genfer Family Office der Bertarellis kauft für 210 Millionen Franken eine US-Pharmafirma. Der Erfolg des Unternehmens steht und fällt mit Mehr Publiziert am 12.04.201

In 2017, the Bertarelli Foundation made available an amount of 5 million Swiss francs to support the development of some of the most innovative research carried out at Campus Biotech in Geneva. Five projects were selected in 2018.This year, two new projects were chosen by a jury chaired by Pierre Magistretti and were announced at the Bertarelli Symposium Family offices have for many years been a big source of funding for biotech. Of course, biotech isn't without its risks, and most biotech startups end up nowhere, but the higher the risk, the greater the rewards if it all goes right. And it looks like one family office is about to make a sizeable return on their investment in the sector. Here is a taste of what's going on from a family. Life science research is, in many ways, a natural area of focus for the Bertarelli Foundation because of the Bertarelli family's connection with Serono, the pharmaceutical and biotech company they built over the course of three generations. Related News 6 Apr 2021 First round of Bertarelli Rare Cancers Fund grants awarded ; 15 Sep 2020 Six New Catalyst Fund projects @Campus Biotech; 3 Oct.

Ernesto Bertarelli est peut-être mieux connu du grand public pour sa passion pour la voile. Sa relation avec ce sport est due à sa jeunesse passée dans Monte Argentario. [1] Le nom Alinghi vient des bateaux de la famille Bertarelli qui naviguaient dans les champs de régate autour de Porto Santo Stefano et Porto Ercole. [2]Ernesto Bertarelli pratique la voile depuis sa plus tendre enfance. American Investment Holdings/Vinik Family Office Jeff Vinik, a well-known hedge fund manager who managed Vinik Asset Management until he closed it down in 2013 . Family Capital. People P. People Moves: Sustainable head at family office; Operation business head from family office, and more Kirk Capital appoints sustainable investment head Family Capital. People. Founder of $90 billion. Switzerland's richest man has taken a stake in Aston Martin. Ernesto Bertarelli, 54, whose family's $18.1 billion fortune mostly derives from pharmaceuticals, acquired a 3.4 percent voting.

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Ernesto Bertarelli in Bern, Familie Hayek in Aarau: In fast jedem Kanton lebt einer der 300 Reichsten. Eine Landkarte der besonderen Art As managing partner of Forestay Capital SA, Fred is also responsible for advising Ernesto Bertarelli's Waypoint Capital group - of which Forestay is a part - on all tech ventures globally. Before establishing Forestay, Fred was Waypoint's Chief Digital Officer. Fred holds a degree in Finance and Economics from the Geneva University. Born in Afghanistan, raised in Thailand, Italy and. Forestay Capital, a venture group owned by Swiss billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli, has invested in Howspace, an ed-tech platform. Forestay was one of two investors committing €12 million to the Finland-based group. Series B . EQT Ventures, the Wallenberg family-backed venture fund, has invested in Airkit, a customer engagement platform. EQT was one of four investors committing $40 million to. Ernesto Bertarelli sold his family's pharmaceutical business, Serono, to Merck in 2007 for $13.3bn. He currently lives in Switzerland with his wife, the songwriter and former Miss UK Kirsty.

Ernesto Bertarelli . Chairman. Stefan Meister . Vice-Chairman and Non-Executive Member of the Board of Directors. Ron Cami . Group General Counsel and Member of the Board of Directors . Cyrus Jilla . CEO of Northill Capital, Waypoint Partner and Member of the Board of Directors. Gordon McNair . Group Chief Financial Officer. Alexander Papadimitriou . Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief. The Bertarelli Program in Translational Neuroscience and Neuroengineering was founded in 2010 as a joint research and education initiative between the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Harvard Medical School (HMS). By bringing together teams of scientists working in Trans-Atlantic collaboration, the Program's aim was - and is - to bridge the gap between basic and. Sharpening cuts deep into our family heritage & this shows in our work & service to customers. Immigration to America - 1966. After growing up in Italy & working in 'The Bush' in Australia, Felice and Domenica Bertarelli immigrated to America making their lifelong dream come true. After starting in Kansas City the couple finally settled down in St. Louis. Felice began a partnership with.

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Although women are underrepresented at family offices, they were more likely to hold senior investment roles than in institutional/retail asset management, according to a new research report published and researched by Family Capital, in association with Guernsey Finance.. Entitled: Women in Family Offices, the report looked at gender diversity at family offices across the world and found. Dona Bertarelli is a successful Swiss businesswoman, philanthropist and sportswoman. Ledunfly Hospitality is a dedicated division of her family office, Ledunfly, which also encompasses her real estate and other personal business investments. She is co-founder and skipper of the sailing team Spindrift racing, and co-chair of the Bertarelli Foundation. Contact: Christi Cahill Crosby [email. Finding treatments for rare diseases has been a longstanding endeavor of the Bertarelli family. Much of the work done by (biotech company) Serono, when owned by my family, was into treatments for orphan diseases, says Dona Bertarelli, co-chair of the Bertarelli Foundation along with her brother, Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows Vice Chair Ernesto Bertarelli, MBA '93 Ernesto Bertarelli is an Italian-born Swiss businessman, sports enthusiast and philanthropist, who is among the richest persons on the earth. His family wealth is estimated to be at £11.5 billion, while according to Forbes, his estimated net worth is $9 billion Businesses. The businesses associated with Waypoint operate in asset management, including real estate, and healthcare and biotechnology. Waypoint now also utilises the skills of its people to manage investments directly, including major holdings in two innovative healthcare companies. Businesses. Investments. Click on the logos below to find.

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10-15 family offices strategically hand-selected and invited for your special event. Either held at a prestigious venue or in a private setting during a Family Office Club event, our team will handle all of the planning and logistics of the event. Follow-up services, including but not limited to, strategies for follow-up, the contact information of attendees, and doing whatever we can to make. Family offices generally shun publicity. The number of family offices operating globally stands at around 5,300, according to Campden Wealth Research, a data provider. No accurate estimate of the. Le concept permet à la fois de responsabiliser le gérant et d'aligner ses intérêts sur ceux de la famille Bertarelli. Le concept de family office est né aux Etats-Unis. Selon Bilanz, il a été créé en 1838 quand Junius Morgan, dont le fils est le fondateur de la banque JP Morgan, a demandé à son conseiller personnel de se consacrer uniquement à la gestion de son argent. Mais parfois.

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Bertarelli Co., St. Louis, Missouri. 2,484 likes · 237 talking about this. Sharpening Price List Knives- $ Family entrepreneurs face a unique challenge, said Dona Bertarelli, co-chair of The Bertarelli Foundation. As their businesses grow or change, they, too, need to adapt and evolve. At the same time, they need to preserve the original and special strengths, passions, and entrepreneurial characteristics of the family as they move in new directions. Through this faculty chair and our. Dona Bertarelli a officialisé mercredi soir l'acquisition du Five Seas Hotel, établissement cinq étoiles au cœur de Cannes. Ouvert il y a quatre ans, cet hôtel «boutique» de 45 chambres. Babson College, ranked No. 1 for entrepreneurship, has announced the appointment of William B. Gartner as its first Bertarelli Foundation Distinguished Professor of Family Entrepreneurship—generously endowed by the Bertarelli Foundationthrough a substantial gift to the college. Building on Babson College's long history of educating family entrepreneurs and advancing the study of family. Waypoint is a business enterprise for the managers and advisers of the funds and investments associated with the Bertarelli family. The group is active in two areas: life sciences and asset management, including real estate. Chaired by Ernesto Bertarelli, Waypoint is headquartered in Geneva, with offices in London, Jersey, Boston and Luxembourg

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The bulk of Dona Bertarelli's wealth comes from the 2007 sale of her family's biotech business Serono for over $13 billion. In the 1990s Dona was Serono's executive director of public and. The Bertarelli family, whose wealth was bolstered by the sale of Serono, the pharmaceuticals company, backed the launch at the end of last year of an asset management group called Northill, which provides equity and seed capital to start-up management groups. The family also owns a small portfolio of residential property and hotels in Switzerland Son family office, Ledunfly SA, a été créé pour gérer les intérêts financiers personnels et les activités philanthropiques de Dona Bertarelli et de son époux, Yann Guichard. En tant qu'investisseuse, avec des participations dans le secteur hôtelier et immobilier, elle met l'accent sur la création de valeur à long terme. Dona Bertarelli est également cofondatrice et skipper de. Haindl Family. $3.1 billion Germany In business since 1849, Haindl Papier, with an annual production capacity of 2.8 million tons of paper, supplies all the major European publishers. In May the.

WayPoint Capital Partners is the direct private equity affiliate of Privet Capital, a family investment office for a cable and satellite entrepreneur. Because we invest our own capital and do not solely rely on third party investors, we are free from external influences that can interfere with growing businesses and focus only on creating long term shareholder value. In addition, we understand. Sandoz Family Office SA; 85, Avenue du Général-Guisan; 1009 Pully; Suisse; Média. Jörg Denzler; j.denzler@sandozfamilyoffice.ch; Tél. : +41 21 721 43 36; Mentions légales . PROTECTION DES DONNÉES. Ce site utilise Google Analytics, un service d'analyse de site internet fourni par Google Inc. (Google). Google Analytics utilise des cookies, qui sont des fichiers texte placés sur votre. Various lists of the richest families in the world (excluding royal families or autocratic ruling dynasties) are published internationally, by Forbes as well as other business magazines.. There is a distinction between wealth held by identifiable individual billionaires or a nuclear family and the wider notion of an extended family or a historical dynasty, where the wealth of a. Mono- « family office » Ces structures très secrètes ne sont au service que d'une seule grande famille qui est leur actionnaire. Patrimoine minimum : 100 millions d'euros PRITZKER-VLOCK FAmily Office. LaunchCapital is backed by the Pritzker Vlock Family Office (PVFO). PVFO owns and manages a broad portfolio of public equities, consumer, biotech, industrial and medical equipment and technology businesses, several venture funds, and real estate. Karen Pritzker runs PVFO and is involved in numerous national philanthropic efforts individually and through her family.

A list of members of Northill Capital LLP is open for inspection at its registered office, 1 Curzon Street, London, W1J 5HD. Northill Capital LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Northill Distribution US Inc. Northill Distribution US Inc. (NDUS), is a broker-dealer registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (CRD# 169457), and a member of. The Family Office Council, the membership group for Single-Family Offices, defines a single-family office as a private organization that manages the investments for a single wealthy family. Sovereign Wealth Fund Database Sovereign Investment Fund or Social Wealth Fund is a state-owned investment fund that invests in real and financial assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, precious. The Bertarelli family has the firepower for such deals. The Italian-born but later Swiss-raised Bertarelli took over his family pharmaceutical company Serono in 1996 at the age of 31 from his terminally ill father. Ten years later it was sold to Merck of Germany for $13.3bn (£8.4bn), netting the Bertarelli family $8.6bn. The family had already made nearly $1bn from selling shares at Serono. Ernesto Bertarelli, 54, whose family's $18.1 billion fortune mostly derives from pharmaceuticals, acquired a 3.4% voting stake in Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings Plc, according to a.

Chris Viehbacher said he would be cautious of spicy valuations in the biotech sector when he begins his new job heading a $2bn healthcare investment fund for Switzerland's Bertarelli family With 468 billionaires, Europe claims 28% of the world's ten-figure fortunes adding up to an aggregate net worth of $1.95 trillion. Russia leads the count with 111 billionaires - the same number as.

Waypoint Capital | 1,871 followers on LinkedIn. Waypoint is a business enterprise for the managers and advisers of the funds and investments associated with the Bertarelli family. The group is. Ernesto Bertarelli Add to myFT. Add Family offices unprepared for wealth transfer. Advisers to super-rich lack a plan to ensure assets pass smoothly to younger relatives. Save. Tuesday, 23. Focusing on philanthropy with a mission, Bertarelli and his family established a foundation in 1999 for promoting understanding of the cause and cure of infertility. The Foundation FABER, in Lausanne, and the Bertarelli Foundation, in Trelex, Switzerland, merged in 2006. Since 2002, Bertarelli has been a director of UBS AG, the global financial.

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One superyacht owner's mission to save the seas | BoatThe Standard London due to Open July 2019 - The HotelTop 118 richest people in the world with a Networth overLe milliardaire russe Serge Pougatchev s’allie à l’offreRZ - 12 / 2 Sideboards - Paolo Rizzo ArchitectPharmaGossip: December 2005

Dimitri B. Papadimitriou (born 9 June 1946 in Thessaloniki) is a Greek-born American economist, author, and college professor.He is President, Levy Economics Institute of Bard College since its inception in 1986 and Jerome Levy Professor of Economics and Executive Vice President Emeritus, at Bard College since 1977. From 5 November 2016 until February 2018, he was Greece's Ministry of Economy. Ernesto Bertarelli is a businessman with Italian-Swiss heritage who was named the wealthiest man in Switzerland after he sold his family's pharmaceutical company Serono, which used to be Europe's largest biotech firm, to German drug producers, Merck KGaA in 2007. The new company which was formed was named Merck Serono, and this alliance brought the businessman a huge fortune in the coming. Fortune Magazine's New Owner Is Member Of Thailand's Richest Family. Nov 2, 2018, 06:42pm EDT. Southeast Asia's Richest Woman Signs $6.5 Billion Deal For 50 Airbus Jets. Oct 30, 2018, 10:27am EDT. The Huntress is a vigilante operating out of Gotham City, and a member of the Batman Family. She is also a devout Catholic, and is very in touch with her Italian heritage. Her career is inspired by a personal vendetta against organized crime, responsible for killing her entire family. At first, her ruthless methods and willingness to kill made her an outcast from the heroic community, but in.

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