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The Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) is a new EU funding programme focused on bringing digital technology to businesses, citizens and public administrations. How to make Europe greener and more digital are the twin challenges for our generation, and our success in meeting them will define our future Digital Europe Programme: A proposed €7.5 billion of funding for 2021-2027 Digital transition is a key to Europe's future prosperity and resilience. As part of the next long-term EU budget, the Multiannual Financial Framework, the Commission has proposed the Digital Europe programme, the EU's programme to accelerate the recovery and drive the digital transformation of Europe The Digital Europe Programme aims to build the strategic digital capacities of the EU and to facilitate the wide deployment of digital technologies. With an overall budget of €7.5 billion, out of which €0,8 billion is managed by HaDEA, the programme will support investments in the following sectors: Supercomputing: build up EU's supercomputing and. Das Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) mit einem Gesamthaushalt von 7,59 Mrd. Euro wird der europäischen Gesellschaft und Unternehmen helfen, den digitalen Wandel optimal zu nutzen. Die Gelder fließen in den Auf- und Ausbau digitaler Kapazitäten und Infrastrukturen und unterstützen das Ziel, einen digitalen Binnenmarkt zu schaffen

Digital Europe Programme: Summary Report on the targeted consultation on the future of investment in Europe's digital economy. The targeted consultation took place between 25 July and 25 October 2019. The objective of the consultation was to gather the views of stakeholders on the strategic objectives of the Digital Europe Programme for the first. Das Programm Digitales Europa 2021 - 2027 soll die strategischen digitalen Kapazitäten in Europa entwickeln und stärken. Aktuell sind 9,2 Milliarden Euro für das Programm im neuen EU-Haushalt vorgesehen. Basis dieser Politik ist die Strategie für einen digitalen Binnenmarkt. Die Schlüsselbereiche sind dabei The Digital Europe Programme is a new financial support tool for the 20212027 period- , aimed at bolstering the digital transformation of society, the economy and public administrations in the EU. With a financial envelope of €7.6 billion (in current prices), a figure 17.5% lower than the initia

Digital Europe will aim to deploy a world-class supercomputer and data infrastructure with exascale capabilities (a billion billion or 10 18 calculations per second) by 2022/2023, and post exascale facilities by 2026/2027, endowing the EU with its own independent and competitive technology supply, achieving excellence in applications and widening supercomputing availability and use The European Commission proposed a new programmehas in the framework of the 2021-2027 MFF - the Digital Europe programme (DEP) - to support the deployment and optimal use of the digital capacities that underpin innovation in areas of public interest and business. Economies an

The Digital Europe Programme will increase the capacities of the selected hubs to cover activities with a clear European added value, based on networking the hubs and promoting the transfer of expertise. Member States have an essential role in the selection process of the EDIHs; the initial network of EDIHs will be established from a list of hubs designated by the Member States Digital Day 2021: EU countries commit to key digital initiatives for Europe's Digital Decade Press release 19 March 2021 Today, at the online Digital Day 2021, Ministers representing EU Member States signed three Declarations to pool efforts and resources to promote international connectivity, incentivise the rollout of clean digital technologies and improve the regulatory environment for start-ups and scale-ups The Digital Europe Programme is a new financial support tool for the 2021-2027 period, aimed at bolstering the digital transformation of society, the economy and public administrations in the EU. With a financial envelope of €7.6 billion (in current prices), a figure 17.5 % lower than the initial Commission proposal, it will build up digital capacity and infrastructure and support a digital.

Digital Europe Programme: A proposed €7

Digital Europe is a new programme and part of the Single Market, Innovation and Digital chapter of the EU's long-term budget proposal. Building on the Digital Single Market strategy launched in May 2015 and its achievements over the past years, its main objective is to shape Europe's digital transformation to the benefit of citizens and businesses The Digital Europe programme is a central element of the Commission's comprehensive response to the challenge of digital transformation, part of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) proposal for 2021-2027 The digital compass can also support the EU in meeting objectives in the European Green Deal, helping Europe to reach its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. Digital technologies help to reduce environmental impact significantly. For example, the widespread use of videoconferencing plays a part in reducing flight emissions. And, digital technologies play a role in creating a greener approach to agriculture, energy use in buildings, and more.

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  1. The Digital Europe programme will provide funding for projects in five areas: supercomputing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, advanced digital skills, and ensuring wide use of digital technologies across the economy and society
  2. As a continent, Europe has to ensure that its citizens and businesses have access to a choice of state-of-the-art technologies that will make their life better, safer, and even greener - provided they also have the skills to use them. In the post pandemic world, this is how we will shape together a resilient and digitally sovereign Europe. This is Europe's Digital Decade
  3. Digital Europe Programme: let's democratise digitalisation. Europe's micro, small and medium-sized businesses must have the possibility to use supercomputers to do data analytics and exploit the full potential of Artificial Intelligence. This is how businesses become innovative and provide a more useful service to us, the citizens.
  4. UEFA Europa League Final Programme 2020. This digital version of the Official Final Programme gives the lowdown on the two finalist teams as well as picking out the higlights of the season so far. We recap the quarter-finals and semi-finals in the unique final tournament and look ahead to the decider in Cologne
  5. HaDEA manages scientific projects funded under Cluster 4 of the Horizon Europe framework programme (grouped by destinations). Destination 1 Climate neutral, circular and digitised production The destination Climate neutral, circular and digitised production aims at accelerating the twin green and digital transitions and will be key to building a lasting and prosperous European.
  6. EU-Rahmenprogramm für Forschung und Innovation. Horizont Europa wird eines der größten Förderprogramme für Forschung und Innovation weltweit sein, noch umfangreicher als Horizont 2020. Die Inhalte orientieren sich an wichtigen gesellschaftlichen Fragestellungen wie zum Beispiel Gesundheit, nachhaltige Entwicklung und Digitalisierung
  7. DigitalHealthEurope will provide comprehensive support to the Digital Health and Care Innovation initiative in the context of the Digital Single Market Strategy.The project's approach involves a number of actions that will boost innovation and advance the Digital Single Market priorities for the digital transformation of health and care (DTHC), as outlined in the European Commission's 2018.

Digital Europe Programme: Summary Report on the targeted

EU4Health is EU's response to COVID-19, which has had a major impact on medical and healthcare staff, patients and health systems in Europe. By investing €5.3 billion, therefore becoming the largest health programme ever in monetary terms, EU4Health will provide funding to EU countries, health organisations and NGOs Bundesweiter Digitaltag. Am 18. Juni 2021 findet der nächste Digitaltag statt. Dann kommen wieder Menschen in ganz Deutschland virtuell und vor Ort zu digitalen Themen zusammen. Sei dabei und melde deine Aktion an Das beste Programm zu jeder Zeit. Klar, dass viele von uns vor allem wissen wollen, was um 20.15 Uhr im Fernsehen läuft. Genau aus diesem Grund können Sie sich das Programm zu dieser Zeit ganz einfach mit Klick auf 20:15 im TV anzeigen lassen. Genauso schnell fündig wird man aber auch, wenn man das TV-Programm Jetzt sehen möchte The Digital Europe Programme will ensure that Europe drives the digital transformation of the economy and society and brings its benefits to all citizens and businesses. It will focus on: •Building essential capacities and advanced skills in key digital technology areas, contributing to Europe's strategic autonomy; •Accelerating their deployment and best use in areas of public interest.

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  1. She proposed the new Digital Europe programme, worked on EU Strategy on AI, disinformation online, cybersecurity and launched the EuroHPC strategy. She has extensively engaged with external EU partners to enhance digital cooperation, in particular with the Western Balkans and Africa. She was elected as Member of the European Parliament (MEP) in 2009, 2014 and 2019. Mariya Gabriel is First Vice.
  2. Hier finden Sie TV und Radio Programme aus Europa sortiert nach den verschiedenen Ländern. Wählen Sie ein Land aus, und Sie sehen z.B. welche TV Programme aus diesem Land per Satellit zu empfangen sind. Satelliten Übersicht Europäische Sender . Land. Anzahl TV Programme. Anzahl Radio Sender. Albanien. TV Albanien [113] Radio Albanien [1] Belgien. TV Belgien [25] Radio Belgien [0] Bosnien.
  3. The digital platform will remain open until 12 September 2021. Until this date, you can watch the recordings, visit the digital exhibition and exchange with your peers via messages and private video calls. REGISTER HERE. Conference Platform. Conference Programme The programme comprises 4 parallel sessions for symposia with invited speakers and workshops where selected abstracts were presented.
  4. Digital Europe Programme; M-ERA.NET; Startseite; Kontakt; Inhalt; Impressum; Datenschutz; Erklärung zur Barrierefreiheit; Gebärdensprache; Leichte Sprache; Suchen . Hinweise zur Datenübertragung bei der Google™ Suche. Nationale Kontaktstelle Digitale und Industrielle Technologien. Bild: ©Bojan - stock.adobe.com . Das Serviceangebot der NKS Digitale und Industrielle Technologien - NKS DIT.

  1. Together with the Member States, these programmes have helped build cross-border public services for citizens, provided free interoperable solutions to companies and connected various organisations in different sectors. The DigitALL Public conference will celebrate the next step in this journey while looking ahead towards Europe's digital future
  2. The InvestEU Programme builds on the successful model of the Investment Plan for Europe, the Juncker Plan which mobilised more than €500 billion in the period 2015-20. With the aim of triggering a new wave - more than €372 billion - in investments using an EU budget guarantee, the InvestEU Programme aims to give an additional boost to investment, innovation and job creation in Europe.
  3. istrative costs and EUR 30,450 million entirely covered by the allocations foreseen in the MFF 2021-27 under the financial envelopes of the Single Market Programme and the Digital Europe Programme

About the Programme. Welcome to the ULI Europe Digital Programme: a platform to connect, learn, and contribute. The programme was relaunched in September 2020 with a focus on the central theme of Rebuild, Reshape and Rethink: Preparing for a new built world. We will explore each of these concepts through webinars grouped into series, including Digitaleurope ist eine Vereinigung von mehr als 30 nationalen Elektronikverbänden und mehr als 50 großen Elektrounternehmen aus Europa, USA und Japan. Von 1999 bis Anfang 2009 nannte sie sich European Information, Communications and Consumer Electronics Industry Technology Association (EICTA).. Die Organisation vergibt unter anderem das HD ready-Label für Fernsehgeräte, sowie das HD TV. During a video conference of the members of the European Council on 25 March 2021, EU leaders stressed the need to enhance the EU's digital sovereignty in a self-determined and open manner. They invited the Council to swiftly examine the Commission's communication on the 2030 Digital Compass in view of preparing the digital policy programme

Das Förderprogramm go-digital wurde in den Jahren 2015/16 in den Modellregionen Sachsen (einschließlich des Raumes Halle) und im Ruhrgebiet erfolgreich durchgeführt. Kern des Programms waren auch im ersten Durchlauf drei Module: IT-Sicherheit, Internet-Marketing und digitalisierte Geschäftsprozesse. Bei kleinen und mittleren. Digitale Technologien und Know-how entscheiden in der heutigen Arbeits- und Wirtschaftswelt über die Wettbewerbs- und Zukunftsfähigkeit von Unternehmen. Damit der Mittelstand die wirtschaftlichen Potenziale der Digitalisierung ausschöpfen kann, unterstützt das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) kleine und mittlere Unternehmen (KMU) mit dem Programm Digital Jetzt. Connecting Europe Facility - Digital. The 2 nd generation of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF-2 programme) Digital strand (2021-2027) Search for available translations of the preceding link EN ••• aims to support and catalyse investments in digital connectivity infrastructures of common interest. The programme has a total budget.

Know the full programme for the Portuguese Presidency. Overview. Portuguese Presidency has prioritised an investment in a resilient, green, social, digital and global Europe. Overview. Portugal, Germany and Slovenia are part of the same presidency trio. Find out more about the trio's programme The Council of the European Union, which is currently chaired by Portugal, on Tuesday (16 March) gave the green light to the Digital Europe programme to fund investment in cutting-edge technology. The Digital Schools Awards European pilot programme is focused on strengthening the professional profile of teachers by developing resources and learning experiences that are relevant and focused on enhancing digital education practices. Schools and teachers who participate in the programme will have their practices acknowledged and will join a. Das Programm zum diesjährigen Digital Health:NOW Kongress folgt hier in Kürze! Moderation ein Zukunftsweg für Europa Andreas Westerfellhaus, Bevollmächtigter der Bundesregierung für Pflege, Berlin. Über den Referenten. Andreas Westerfellhaus (61) ist seit vielen Jahren mit der Pflege eng verbunden und hat den Pflegeberuf von Grund auf erlernt. In den 1970er Jahren absolvierte er die.

The session will showcase good practices of digital twins, collect input about needs and main challenges as well as enable networking of cities with a view to a possible related call under the Digital Europe Programme. The discussion will help better understand some of the core guiding principles of (Urban) Digital Twins, relevant datasets, data standards and data governance mechanisms. Horizon Europe - Health is part of the EU's research programme. Horizon Europe is the research and innovation support programme of the EU for the period 2021-2027.It comprises 3 pillars: 1) Excellent science 2) Global challenges & European Industrial Competitivenes The Digital Europe Programme High Performance Computing 29% Data and AI Cybesecurity 27% 22% Advanced Digital skills 8% Digital Transformation and interoperability 14% TOTAL BUDGET EUR 7.6 BILLION EUR 580 Million. Advanced digital skills Education programmes and modules in key capacity areas (Master classes) Traineeships in key capacity areas Short term trainings in advanced technologies. DIGITAL X ist die führende europäische Digitalisierungs-Initiative auf Entscheider Level. Sechs regionale Veranstaltungen und ein Finale. Sichern Sie sich jetzt Ihr Ticket

Wunschsendung finden im TV-Programm jetzt. Der ideale Überblick, um jeden Moment beim Fernsehen zu genießen: Unter TV-Programm Jetzt sehen Sie zum Start 15 Sender, was den Vergleich ganz einfach macht. Mit Klick auf die Pfeiltaste ganz rechts werden die nächsten 15 angezeigt und so weiter. Über 170 Sender sind hier im Angebot Lithuanian startup Revolab, a winner of the 2020 EIT Digital Venture Program that has June 10, 2021 'Education is key to build a strong Digital Europe' 'Education is key to build a strong Digital Europe', says Roberto Prieto, Chief Education June 7, 2021. Eight reasons to apply for the Data Science for Business Innovation course. Data Science is the booming science of today. But do you.

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TV5MONDE in der aktuellen Programmübersicht - Die ganze Vielfalt des Fernsehprogamms auf einem Blick bei TV DIGITAL Action for Better Health in Europe. Flagship initiatives. The Mental Health Coalition ; Empowerment through Digital Health; The European Immunization Agenda 2030 ; Healthier behaviours: incorporating behavioural and cultural insights; Core priorities. Digitalradio / DAB+ Mehr Radio! Mehr Programme! In Bayern sind zehn unterschiedliche BR-Wellen mit einem DAB+ Radio empfangbar, neben den fünf bekannten Programmen von Bayern 1 bis B5 aktuell.

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Programme 2019; Image Gallery 2019; Exhibitors & Sponsors 2019; EXHIBITORS & SPONSORS. Become an Exhibitor or Sponsor; Floor Plan; MEDIA & PRESS. Press Materials; Media Partners ; CONTACT; Search; Menu Menu; Digital Signage Summit - The Show 2020. 29 July; 30 July; 15:00 - 15:10. Introduction. Florian Rotberg (Moderator) Managing Director. Moderator. invidis consulting (Germany) Stefan. All EIT Digital Master School programmes follow the same scheme: Students study one year at an 'entry' university and one year at an 'exit' university, both of which are located at an EIT Digital hot spot. The first year is similar at all entry points, with a focus on basic courses that lay the foundation for the chosen technical programme. Students are also introduced to business and. In September 2020, the European Commission launched the new European Research Area (ERA) for Research and Innovation, putting at its core 'the engagement of citizens, local communities and civil society to achieve greater social impact and increased trust in science'.Europeana's commitment to fostering social impact is reflected in the continued development of the Europeana Impact.

Programme 2020; Sponsors 2020; Review 2019. Speakers 2019; Programme 2019; Image Gallery 2019; Exhibitors & Sponsors 2019; MEDIA & PRESS. Press Materials; Media Partners; CONTACT; Search; Menu Menu; Digital Signage Summit Europe 2019. Click on the button to load the content from Whova. Load content. By loading the content, you agree to Whova's privacy policy. Learn more. About . Digital. Unser Programm. 8:30 Uhr I Eröffnung des bundesweiten Digitaltags: Digitalisierung erleben! Dorothee Bär, Staatsministerin für Digitalisierung ; Dagmar Hirche, Vorsitzende Wege aus der Einsamkeit e.V. Oberbürgermeister Martin Horn, Stadt Freiburg; Preisträgerinnen und Preisträger des Preises für digitales Miteinande MTV Euro Top 20 (Show) /0 am 18.06.2021 um 18:59 Uhr im TV-PROGRAMM: alle Infos, alle Sendetermin Mit Hilfe des geplanten EU-Programms Digitales Europa soll ein flächendeckendes Netz von European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) in der Europäischen Union aufgebaut werden. Für Deutschland sind 18 bis 35 EDIHs vorgesehen. Die tatsächliche Anzahl hängt von den zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln der Europäischen Union ab. Die Europäische Kommission hat ihr Vorhaben in einem Working.

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EIT Digital For a strong, digital Europe. EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe's digital transformation. Its way of working embodies the future of innovation through a pan-European ecosystem of over 200 top European corporations, SMEs, start-ups, universities and research institutes, where students, researchers. Digital Services. The European Commission is currently in the process of thrashing out the details of the Digital Services Act (DSA), a new framework due to be put forward in 2020, which will.

The Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development, also called Framework Programmes or abbreviated FP1 to FP7 with FP8 being named Horizon 2020, are funding programmes created by the European Union/European Commission to support and foster research in the European Research Area (ERA). The specific objectives and actions vary between funding periods Regional und bundesweit mehr Programmauswahl im Radio mit DAB+: Mit der interaktiven Programmkarte finden Sie alle in ihrer Region in digitaler DAB+ Qualität empfangbaren Radioprogramme. Inklusive inhaltlicher Kurzbeschreibung zu allen öffentlich-rechtlichen und privaten Hörfunkwellen. DAB+. Mehr Radio PDF Programm der deutschen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft - 1. Juli bis 31. Dezember 2020 PDF, 1.1 MB, Barrierearm Interner Link. PDF Programme for Germany's Presidency of the Council of the European Union - 1 July to 31 December PDF, 1.1 MB, Barrierearm Interner Link. PDF Le programme de la présidence allemande du Conseil de l'Union européenne - 1er juillet au 31 décembre 2020 PDF, 1.1 MB. Der digitale, programmierbare Euro bezeichnet verschiedene digitale Formen des Euros, wie sie im Juli 2020 in einem Positionspapier des FinTechRats beim Bundesfinanzministerium vorgestellt wurden. Während beim digitalen Euro der reine Transfer oder die Verwahrung eines Euro-Betrags im Vordergrund steht (Beispiel: Giralgeld auf Bankkonten), ermöglicht es der digitale, programmierbare Euro.

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Digital Creativity. Zuschuss, 130.000 Euro, bis 90% Förderquote. Da die Mittel für das Programm Digital Creativity ausgeschöpft sind, können keine Anträge mehr gestellt werden. Mit dem Förderprogramm Digital Creativity fördert das Land Sachsen-Anhalt die Entwicklung und den Einsatz innovativer digitaler Medien in KMU. Dazu zählen u.a. Der Cluster 4 Digitalisierung, Industrie und Weltraum (Digital, Industry and Space) von Horizon Europe unterstützt digitale wie industrielle Schlüssel- und Raumfahrttechnologien, die für die industrielle Zukunft Europas von strategischer Bedeutung sind. Ziel ist es, ein resilientes, grünes und digitales Europa aufzubauen EU digital nomad visas are now available for several European countries. Croatian new visa programme. Croatia launched a new visa programme for digital nomads in 2021, as part of its 'Croatia your new office' campaign. Requirements include, among others, proof of remote work, sufficient yearly income, health insurance, security background checks, and a rent contract. The digital nomad.

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  1. Hier finden Sie unser digitales Programm! Virtuell durchs Museum. Live-Führung Online . Nächste Führung Monatlich jeweils am 4. Donnerstag um 17.30 Uhr streamen wir live zu einem spannenden Thema rund um die Hansegeschichte. Genaueres zum Inhalt und welchen Kanal wir nutzen - Facebook oder Instagram - erfahren Sie immer ein paar Tage vorher im Veranstaltungskalender. Am 22. April um 17.
  2. This program has been approved for use in fulfilling the continuing education renewal requirements of the Certified Associate in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CAHIMS). Please use this form to track your CPHIMS and CAHIMS certification hours. CPD Certification for all event sessions. HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Digital Event has received In Principal Approval from the CPD.
  3. International Digital Publishing Forum: The Trade and Standards Organization for the Digital Publishing Industry . EDUPUB Europe Program. June 19, 2014 Pilestredet Campus of Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) Note - the speaker list is provisional and might change slighly before the event. 8:15-9:00 Registration, Coffee. 9:00-9:15 Welcome and Logistics - Markus.
  4. For any question concerning the Venture Program and the application process contact us at venture_program@eitdigital.eu. Partners . The Venture Program is executed by the Innovation Partners of EIT Digital responsible for the pre-Acceleration Phase and to support the teams to: Focus on market verticals & offer, shifting from a product to a market perspective. De-risk deep-tech ventures via.
  5. Programm & Referenten Anmeldung Tagungsband Für Referenten Für Referenten Awards Abstracteinreichung Fachbeirat Das waren die PCIM Europe digital days 2021. Vom 03. - 07.05.2021 fand die PCIM Europe als digitales Event statt. In den Zahlen & Fakten finden Sie Kennzahlen. Zahlen & Fakten digital days . Die PCIM Europe im Social Web. Filtern. Facebook Twitter. Today. Messe Frankfurt.
  6. Förderprogramme und Finanzhilfen. Sie sind auf der Suche nach finanzieller Unterstützung für Ihr Vorhaben? Geben Sie einfach Ihr Thema oder Fachgebiet ein oder suchen Sie nach allen Fördermöglichkeiten für Ihre Region. Wichtiger Hinweis: Wir arbeiten momentan an einer Runderneuerung der Förderdatenbank. Es fehlen noch einige.
  7. The EIT Digital Doctoral School educates the technical leaders and entrepreneurs needed in Europe. The EIT Digital Doctoral School provides, as one of the few European academic institutions, industry embedded, market focused industrial doctorates. The Industrial Doctorates bridge the present to the future to lead the digital transformation. Within an Industrial Doctorate, PhD students work.

Oxford and the EU Back This is an advanced, practical online digital marketing strategy programme, developed for innovative marketing professionals and leaders who need to create and implement a strategy to generate future business value and growth. The programme has been developed by Oxford Saïd faculty and leading industry experts, with insight from the Oxford Future of Marketing. The EIC welcomes applications from innovators in all EU Member States and countries associated to the Horizon Europe programme. It particularly welcomes applications from startups and SMEs with female CEOs. Funding opportunities EIC work programme. English (1.82 MB - PDF) Download You can apply for EIC Accelerator funding at any time through the EIC platform. You will need a video pitch, a. The central objective of this call is to develop and implement one or more pilots of a European Master of Science (MSc) programme for High Performance Computing (HPC). This action is part of the EuroHPC JU's broader strategy addressing training and skills to develop talents for a world-class HPC ecosystem in Europe. Current calls. News. List item. 7 June 2021. MeluXina is live: the EuroHPC. EUROPEAN DIALOGUES The AAL Programme invites you to an online event Ethics and privacy in the age of digital transformation on June 29!Learn more about the event hereEuropean Week of Active & Healthy Ageing 2021Big news in sight for EWAHA 2021: new dates for an all-digital version in October !Read more Active Assisted LivingSupporting the [

Reset Europe. Mitten in der digitalen Transformation und angesichts der notwendigen ökologischen Umorientierung stellen uns die Auswirkungen der Pandemie vor ungeahnte Heraus­forderungen. Unsere liberal-demokratische Gesellschaft mit ihren persönlichen Freiheiten und unser erfolgreiches, marktwirtschaftliches Wohlstandsmodell sind in Bedrängnis geraten. Es waren und sind (für uns) neue. The 5th International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in Healthcare Data (KDH 2020) 1:00pm - 6:30pm, Aug 29. 13:00 - 18:30, Aug 29. MAP: Ada Lovelace Hall. Live Stream: Join stream. Workshops. This schedule can be approximate. Please check the tutorial/workshop's website for further and updated detail Siehe auch Digital Audio Broadcasting in Europa. Nach dem Medien- und Kommunikationsbericht 2008 der Bundesregierung wird der äußerst komplizierte Digitalisierungsprozess jedoch wahrscheinlich bis weit über das Jahr 2015 hinausgehen. Dabei bezieht man sich hauptsächlich auf Radioprogramme im UKW-Bereich. Ein Beschluss des Bundestages vom 27. Oktober 2011 berücksichtigt diese

Our rallying cry will therefore be: 'Time to deliver: a fair, green and digital recovery'. The Programme is the document that details the main priorities and lines of action of Portugal's Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) (1 January - 30 June 2021). The Programme was adopted by the Council of Ministers on 17 December 2020 Offene Aufrufe und aktuelle Förderergebnisse. +++ Das neue Programm Creative Europe 2021-2027 ». +++ Über 1 Million von MEDIA für Development in Deutschland ». +++ Cinemas as Innovation Hubs - Kinos als Innovationszentren ». +++ 6,8 Millionen für Märkte, Plattformen und Promotion » Certificate inInternational Digital Business. The Certificate in International Digital Business (12 ECTS) is a 100 % online programme offered in French and/or English and comprising four courses allowing you to become an Expert in International Digital Business. Working to resolve challenges in real business scenarios by applying the latest. Master Programs. For those interested, who already have a bachelor diploma, we offer the following master programs for continued study: International Business Administration. European Studies. Digital Entrepreneurship

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The only truly European conference focused on digital revenue 10-11 April 2018 Press Room at JP/Politikens Hus **27 MARCH UPDATE - Final touches on our programme. Meet co-host Anette Novak. New breakout session on data driving subscriptions on 11 April** Speakers. Rolf Dyrnes Svendsen. Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Global Alliance for Media Innovation (GAMI) Gadi Lahav. Paywall and. Masters Programs in Communication in Europe 2021. Scroll to programs. arrow_downward › Master › Communication › Europe Courses in communication allow students to hone several skills which are invaluable in the modern workplace. This concentration allows for the student to choose from a variety of career options after completing the program from many different industries. View all Master. The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is a European Union fund for infrastructure investments across the union in transport, energy and digital projects which aim at a greater connectivity between EU member states (2014-2020). It operates through grants, financial guarantees and project bonds. It used to be run by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency and is now run by the Climate. Unser Programm rund um die Ausbildung. Hier finden Sie Lehr- und Fachbücher, Arbeitshefte sowie digitale Materialien für die Aus- und Weiterbildung in zahlreichen Berufsfeldern und Berufen. Klicken Sie einfach auf den Link zu Ihrem Fachbereich unten oder suchen Sie den gewünschten Titel über die Suchfunktion rechts oben Programm. Kalender Stücke A-Z International Embassy of Hope Archiv. Premieren 2021&2022 Jung&mehr Lessingtage 360° ThaliaPlus

EUR Fördergelder von der EU werden ergänzt durch 11,7 Mio. EUR staatliche Mittel aus der Schweiz sowie Beiträgen aus dem Fürstentum Liechtenstein, sodass insgesamt über 51 Mio. EUR Fördermittel zur Verfügung stehen. Ziele des Programms sind mehr Wettbewerbsfähigkeit, Innovation, Beschäftigung und Bildung. Gleichzeitig werden Umwelt‑, Energie‑ und Verkehrsthemen angegangen. Einen. Golf: European Tour (Golf) /0 am 17.06.2021 um 00:45 Uhr im TV-PROGRAMM: alle Infos, alle Sendetermin Was läuft gerade bei Eurosport? Finde es hier heraus: der Guide fürs Eurosport-Programm Tour European Rally Historic 2021 (- kein Charakter -) F/2021 am 19.06.2021 um 21:55 Uhr im TV-PROGRAMM: alle Infos, alle Sendetermin

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