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Vast majority of this sub are probably balls deep in GME at this point. There's a ton of DD to confidently invest in the stock, but what does it matter if one has already bought all the shares they are capable of. With all the evidence pointing to an inevitable squeeze I'm confident that they're afraid that it gets out. Right now everyone and their mother has probably heard of GME but all they hear is the bullshit from MSM. Now image if users o

Loving the morning DD from u/Rensole - he deserves this

As rensole always says, Ape help ape. EDIT 2: u/rensole if you are reading this, know that you have a place among us. r/gme may have (back-)stabbed you but the true r/gme lies in all of us with you and other great members in it Rensole if it's positive why is it fud? Because its something you'll see in polls is doing well, but suddenly it gets crashed and it's worse than before, the same goes the other way. this comes down to overperforming or underperforming. so don't worry if this is a catalyst it will happen. remember we don't do dates so nothing has changed

The u/rensole community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place MIND BLOWN: When the MOASS happens, Bill & Ted will have literally united the world and brought about world peace and harmony when billionaire apes are in charge. BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER! by Digitlnoize in Superstonk. [-] rensole. 1 point Loving the morning DD from u/Rensole - he deserves this... 3mo ⋅ ItsBenderBaby. ⋅ r/GME. How to instantly lose my interest in your DD 2mo ⋅ awesomedan24. ⋅ r/StockMarket. Remelem ezert nem jar bann :DD 4mo ⋅ imnotblack88. ⋅ r/FostTalicska:Dd 5mo ⋅ kurkkupasi. ⋅ r/suomimeemit. Always do your own DD 3mo ⋅ hotterthanahandjob. ⋅ r/pennystocks:DD 1yr ⋅ peseytymissieni. ⋅ r. rensole. 44.2k post karma. 24.3k comment karma. account created: Wed Aug 12 2015. verified: ye This has been in EVERY SINGLE ONE of Rensole's DD's in the last month at least. Apes seem to forget about this. This place is already full of shills, KINDNESS IS THE ONLY THING THAT WE HAVE AND THEY DONT! REMEMBER! PS: Love u bb /u/rensole and I'm sure EVERYONE in this sub loves you!

Good morning San Diago, I am Rensole, I told you to expect fuckery now didn't I? *insert flashy intro card* https://preview.redd.it/uz1dch641dm61.p Synopsis for 03-16-2021 what we need to know before the market opens DD. 2021.03.16 11:31 rensole Synopsis for 03-16-2021 what we need to know before the market opens DD Good morning San Diago,I am Rensole, *insert flashy intro card* None of this is financial advice, I still believe in crayon eating monsters living beneath my bed.Quadruple witching DaySo today is the 19th on which stock index futures, stock index options, stock options, and single stock futures expire simultaneously. While stock options contracts and index options expire on the third Friday o Wykop jest miejscem, gdzie gromadzimy najciekawsze informacje z Sieci: newsy, artykuły, linki. O treści serwisu decydują tylko i wyłącznie nasi użytkownicy, dodając newsy, komentując i głosując na nie Rensole's synopsis for the day Warden's Live Charting on screen Tits jacked . Special thanks to both & (u/wardenelite) for hold... more. SWGTravel Voted 54 points 2 months ago. I love this thread, but as a college professor, I'm a little worried about his attendance record. connecting... _Exordium ️‍Homo Ape-ien️‍ . reply refresh. 12:28PM. Anyone have.

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  1. reddit: r/GME - Synopsis for 03-25-2021 what we need to know before the market opens DD 0 votes and 159 comments so far on Reddit Liker (8) Følg tråden Kommenter Skjul kommentare
  2. g that setting stop losses below VWAP and using market sell orders during the squeeze were good ideas, apes called him out and within mere hours, r/Superstonk mods assembled and collectively agreed to remove disgraced u/WardenElite from the mod team, although he resigned under his own volition first
  3. The reddit research, or DD, on this is extensive and, in my opinion, of high quality, but has a large element of speculation due to the lack of transparency with official filings and market manipulation in play. If the US Treasury bond does crash, it will take out the rest of the US markets, and possibly international markets, just like in 2008 when the US subprime mortgage crisis.

Jest Rensole i Pixel (⌐ ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ ) mozna zasiadac do kawki. #gme +: Rabusek , CiaoBobrze +1 inny. udostępnij . Facebook; Twitter; Link ‹ embed › zasko_da_gama 2 mies. temu. 0 @vaxx: a Pixel dalej atencjuje, ehhh, zająłby się napisaniem kolejnego ciekawego DD a nie nie lubio mnie ;_; udostępnij . Link; Gorące dyskusje ostatnie 12h. Shatter 9 godz. temu +1141. Jaś kapela #. @RedChessQueen99 @rensole @PinkCatsOnAcid @heyitspixel69 @u_sharkbaitlol. 2/15 Bookmark any tweet in this thread and come back when you want to follow more GMErs @Martini_v8 @MrStonksss @benwehrman @Cr6zyMonk @BoiEagen @GoHarg72 @aroflip @ali_nomaan @InZaneViews @DeeStonk @KrisSypo76 @2killmokingbird. 3/15 I was getting mostly 90% AMC in my timeline, and while I support AMC shareholders, I am.

@karpadoor mnie cieszy już poranny przegląd reddita, ostre DD ustalanie exit planu, rensole a od 15:30 balonik przekłuwa wykres płynący bokiem r/Superstonk • u/mikeyp112 • 3h ago. HODL Message to anyone who is still in it only* for the money: listen to these few seconds of Matt Damon. I was like you before, only hodling for the payout and had lost every faith in the corrupt system. But everything changed after he said this-. Video

DD Possible DD Discussion Question Education/Data; News/Media: Mega Threads: Fluff: Meme: HODL: Opinion: Art & Writing: Stonky Pets: Shitpost: Superstonk Bot: AMAs: Moderator: important links. SuperstonkBot is now live for anonymous posting (with review) Want to learn more? Check out our extensive Wiki and FAQ. Please review the Superstonk Rules before commenting or posting on r/Superstonk. Obviously GME is a very hard stock to evaluate. In fact it maybe impossible to do proper DD. It could go to the moon or not. Those that could have made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling at. To get better results, add more information such as First Name, Birth Info, Death Info and Location—even a guess will help. Edit your search or learn mor >fanfiction-tier DD and no credible counter-arguments were seen that day. get better, seriously >> Anonymous (ID: Uu+0aCah) 04/18/21(Sun)20:53:02 No. 33390545. Anonymous (ID: Uu+0aCah) 04/18/21(Sun)20:53:02 No. 33390545. File: 1618775353234.png (46 KB, 910x900) 46 KB PNG. Real talk, what the chances of the squeeze happening? The reddit superstonk is hella cringe, I wish all the females would. Community Spotlight- DD Reads for the Weekend. The naked shorting scam in numbers part deux: Up to date FTD, ETF, SI, Options & Dark Pool Data. GME is the shorted to shit unicorn that can never happen again. By u/Broccaaa; The Bigger Short. How 2008 is repeating, at a much greater magnitude, and COVID ignited the fuse. GME is not the reason for the market crash. GME was the fatal flaw of Wall.

Køb GameStop Corporation (GME) aktien. Hos Nordnet kan du handle fra 0 kr. i kurtage. Klik her for at følge aktiekursen i realti Detailed Tweet Analytics for Josh 's tweet GameStop (GME) 2021 - El pueblo contra WallStreet. HOLD to the MOON and beyond! Todos los que mantengan al menos una acción de GME hasta que sea el squeeze tendrán un CT. Invierte bajo tu responsabilidad. Esto tiene alto riesgo. El mercado de EEUU (NYSE) abre a las 15:30h y a esa hora se puede comprar en $ y holdear we are working for the dance and sing songs. this video is very awesome for the youngster. please vote this video and like our channe

reddit: r/GME - Synopsis for 03-26-2021 what we need to know before the market opens DD 10,644 votes and 949 comments so far on Reddit Liker (4) Følg tråden Kommentarer (2) Skjul kommentare AMC 공매도 시나리오 (3/17일 기준) 파이네트워크 & 블록체인 & 해외주식 전문 투자자 그라나도스 2021. 3. 17. 17:50. 오늘은 주요단신으로 짧게 정리합니다. 한국시간 3/17일 5시12분 기준 전날 종가 13.02 (-7.27%) / Pre Market: 13.24 (+1.69%) 1> 3/17일은 SSR 제한이 적용됩니다. (AMC. Köp aktien GameStop Corporation (GME). Hos Nordnet kan du handla från 0 kr i courtage. Klicka här för att följa aktiekursen i realti

r/Superstonk - Copy of Due Diligence Collection by u

  1. There actually is some DD on that sub that counters GME. The linchpin for both of our arguments is that there are synthetic shares being sold short. It's something that's not provable because it's hidden. Their argument hinges on the idea they don't exist, and ours hinges on the idea that they do. I happen to think there's plenty of evidence for their existence, but I can see how they don't.
  2. /u/Rensole /u/atobitt or any other Mod Can we get this information to the front page? There is a TON of misinformation about the vote count going on right now. Whether or not anyone believes the votes were normalized, the fact of the matter remains that 77+ mil votes were eligible to vote. That includes insiders who more than likely exercised their right to vote. I have NO idea why the 55.
  3. It's not 116 shares that needs to be hold by average ape. You've forgotten that DFV holds 200,000 shares. 25.8M/224k = 115 shares

Synopsis for 03-23-2021 what we need to know before the

  1. The best 'Credit Spread Options Strategy' images and discussions of June 2021. Trending posts and videos related to Credit Spread Options Strategy
  2. Stay vigilant always apes... expect the unexpected anything can happen in this shitshow :) Plan stays the same no matter what. HOD
  3. 005 question - did the DTCC just pseudo-recall all shorts? I mean, obviously they didn't because that would be far too helpful! But, 005 does seem to imply they expect all borrowed shares to be in the lenders account effective immediately..
  4. submitted by rensole - reddi
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